Dave Swift to lead 100 mile walk in support of SCDF

This week, one of the members of our ‘Veterans of the Foundation’, Dave Swift is undertaking a 100 mile walk!

Dave and his team are taking on the challenge in aid of the Saints Community Development Foundation (SCDF), raising funds for the Foundation.

Dave is taking on the challenge after our Veterans and the Foundation itself supported Dave, with him stating in his GoFundMe page:

“The veteran’s side restored my faith and hope, and they have accompanied me on my journey ever since. Providing me with trips out and support when required, but most importantly, the foundation demonstrates what can be accomplished when people work together to give back to the community.”

To raise money for the SCDF, Dave, his daughter Leah, and good friend Carl Day are going to embark on a 100 mile journey!

All businesses that will be sponsoring the walk will have their logo printed on the Purple T-Shirts worn throughout walk, as the team tackle the trek from Leeds, back to St Helens!

If you would like to donate, follow the link attached and support Dave on his 100-Mile Challenge:

Fundraiser by David Swift : Saints Community Development Foundation (gofundme.com)