Awareness Campaigns

The Saints Community Development Foundation look to support the community in all sectors of life, in and outside of sport and physical activity. SCDF partner up with many campaigns and programmes that look to bring awareness and support people who need it within the community. Read below about some of the awareness campaigns and about some of the work we do to support people and families:


SCDF want to give back to those less fortunate than us at Christmas. For the past few years, we have appealed for help to give back to the community. Any details about appeals in the coming years will be provided at a later date and you can keep up to date by following our social media platforms or by visiting our website.

Find out more about our 2022 Christmas appeal here

The SCDF also have a separate appeal during the Easter period. As with the Christmas appeal, we have continued our Easter appeal for the past few years now and they prove successful every year.

You can read all about our Easter appeal here


SCDF launched this appeal to raise awareness of Sepsis by partnering with Sepsis UK to spread the word. The project also aims to bridge the gaps for people in St Helens who need a guide dog to enable them to complete their everyday duties.


This project was devised after figures demonstrated the growth of ASB in St Helens over the past five years. The programme delivers workshops tailored to specific age groups on anti-bullying and cyber-bullying as well as providing a Parent’s Awareness Programme, helping parents to spot signs of bullying in their children and helping them to make the right moves. Anti-Bullying posters were also created and delivered to Community Clubs up and down the country through the support of St Helens players.


The campaign looks to tackle and reduce deaths in our local area due to drowning by encouraging children and young adults to swim in safe life-guarded areas.

Different climates can make the risks higher for people who go swimming. During the colder months, you could be unaware that you are jumping into cold and unpredictable seas, rivers, canals or lakes where temperatures could be freezing.

Meanwhile, in the summer months, it could very easily be the opposite. Warmer temperatures could lead to more heat related incidents. Make sure you are watched by a lifeguard at ALL times.

Water depth is also a potential problem. People often jump into water unaware of how deep it is which is a massive risk that could very easily lead to death should something go wrong.

If you can’t stand up in a lake or quarry, there will be no way to recover from the shock of the temperature – and you increase your risk of drowning. Why risk it?

Below are some ways for you to swim safely instead:

  • Queens Park Baths
  • Everlast Gyms Milverny
  • Ruskin Drive Fitness Club
  • Mercure Haydock
  • Pyramid Leisure

Swimming has many benefits, just 30 minutes of swimming three times a week alongside a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy and maintain a positive mental outlook.

We believe that local swimming baths and safe life-guarded areas is the way to go. Why risk your life?


This programme delivers full mental health awareness workshops to specific age groups, incorporating coping strategies, resilience techniques and practice workshop.

They also provide Bulimia and Eating Disorder Awareness Programmes, with handouts and easy reference glossaries of terms designed to help children understand these types of disorders. This project also aims to teach parents and teachers how to spot the signs of an eating disorder in children and how best to deal with this.