St Helens R.F.C. alongside the Saints Community Development Foundation work in partnership to ensure the heritage of the club is recognised and documented.

As soon as a player makes their debut for the Red Vee, they automatically become part of the Players Association and receive a heritage number.

The Past Players Association is the biggest Past Players Association within rugby league, hosting the biggest annual dinners and holding the most members to the Association. The Past Players Association also supports the St Helens Schools cup competitions for both girls and boys, with the Association putting a £5000 cheque towards the competitions back in September, which you can read more about here

If you want to learn more about the Past Player Association, then you can do so buy getting in touch and following the Saints Past Player Association Facebook page.

The Association ensures that the link between the player and the club is never forgotten and that the saying ‘Once a Saint, Always a Saint’ is one that remains.

You can find out more about our Heritage here by going to the Saints Heritage Website: http://www.saints.org.uk/saints/

You can view some of the latest interviews with some of our past and present players that take place at our Qualitech Reminisce Cafe on our YouTube channel below…