Gallery: Boots enjoys Good Friday with fans

Saints won the Good Friday battle against Wigan Warriors 12-4 at the Totally Wicked Stadium, putting an end to their 100% winning start to 2024!

Fans of both clubs sent their best photos from Friday with Boots over to us, after we asked for your best pictures on our social media platforms!

Boots spent his day travelling all around the Totally Wicked Stadium, meeting fans and taking photos ahead of the big game.

He started outside, as there was a big pre-game event before the game got underway. The players walking from Glass Futures to the Stadium, as fans cheered them into the stadium.

Boots made his way outside to take pictures with fans before they entered the stadium. Once he had taken photos with those outside, he made his way inside.

Once he got inside he took pictures with fans around all three home stands. Boots also joined in with the pre-game entertainment at the Totally Wicked Stadium.

You can view a full gallery of Boots with fans to the left of the page!