Matty Smith & Gary Wheeler Kicking and Catching School!

This summer, we are pleased to be hosting our first ‘Kicking and Catching’ School, led by Ex-Saints Matty Smith, who is also our Saints Women’s Head Coach, along with Gary Wheeler!

This Summer break, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching an exciting new Rugby League camp, focusing on the skill involved in Kicking and Catching!

Our Kicking section of the camp will consist of In-game kicking, both long and short, goal kicking, and attacking kicks both along the floor and in the air. The camp aims to develop kicking technique and skills, to help improve your game and kick like a Super League player!

Our catching department will look at dealing with challenging kicks both in the air and along the floor, in both attacking and defensive scenarios. It will also work at helping players improve caching from passing, both one and two-handed to help with potential in-game situations!

The camp is aimed at children aged 10-16, for both boys and girls who want to improve their kicking and catching techniques and help them improve their game!

Week 1 consists of the following days: Monday 31st July, Tuesday 1st August, and Wednesday 2nd August.

Week 2 consists of the following days: Monday 7th August, Tuesday 8th August, and Wednesday 9th August.

The camp will be open to book for all three days, for £25, with booking for separate days available the following week. The camp will be a progressive schedule, so we recommend you book the whole week so you don’t miss anything!

Matty Smith and Gary Wheeler Kicking and Catching School:

Week 1
Week 2