Saints Against Illegal Ketamine Use

Steve Leonard, Saints Community Development Foundation’s Director mentioned: 

“The need for every person in our communities to get the message about the dangers of Ketamin is vital. Our own children are making decisions that could have catastrophic consequences on their future health. Lets help them all make the right decisions based on the knowledge we have of the dangers of Ketamin and all drugs.

Lets kick Ketamin into touch.

I would like to thank St Helens Council, Merseyside Police, YPDAAT and the Think F.A.S.T Academy run by former local professional boxer Martin Murray who has helped make this awareness impactful within our community”.

We are working with partners Merseyside Police, St Helens Borough Council and YDPDAAT to help make a difference within our own communities.

During the past few months there has been a significant change to drug use by young people.

The current worry is about the increased harmful use of ketamine (also known as k or ket).

Ketamine is a general anaesthetic that reduces sensations in the body, including the ability to feel pain – putting people at risk if they hurt or injure themselves as they won’t always be aware.

Regular ketamine use can cause agitation, panic attacks, damage to short and long-term memory and depression, if taken frequently.

Young people are presenting at GPs and A&E with abdominal complaints, with ketamine sometimes causing cause serious bladder, kidney and liver problems, which can be very painful.

Some of the damage caused may be irreversible, meaning long term health problems.

Street ketamine is usually sold as a white or beige crystalised powder and is sometimes cut with other powders to add weight and improve the dealer’s profits. It’s impossible to tell whether the ketamine you buy has been cut with other substances by looking at it.

There are also concerns about young people being at risk of exploitation and involved in the distribution and selling of drugs for criminal gangs.

Lets work together to tackle Ketamine out of our communities for good.