Saints Community Development Foundation to support St Helens Foodbank

St Helens foodbank is asking for urgent donations of food to their foodbanks, and Saints Community Development Foundation is doing their bit to help out.

Recently, St Helens Foodbank for the first time in 10 years had to turn people away due to lack of food, with the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, so St Helens Foodbank need everyone’s help where possible.

To help support the appeal for donations, at Saturday’s game against Salford, the SCDF van will be parked up outside the Totally Wicked Stadium, were food can be dropped off that will be taken later in the day to St Helens Foodbank. By having the drop-off spot at the game on Saturday, we hope to reach a wider pool of people, with people traveling from many different places who may be able to help with donations.

Find below a list of items that are desperately needed for the St Helens Foodbank: