SCDF Christmas and food hamper appeal back for 2022!

Over the past four years, the SCDF has run our Christmas appeal and been able to support many families at Christmas time. As we all know, Christmas can be a very stressful and costly time on the calendar for some, so we decided after the success of the last few years, we wish to do the same again this year.

With the current climate we find ourselves in, more and more families find themselves needing the support of one another following the cost-of-living crisis, and we as a foundation want to help support those who need it most.

Any Toys or selection boxes collected will be greatly appreciated and will help make a positive difference within our community.

Saints Community Development Foundation will also be collecting Food Hampers this winter for individuals who may be struggling. Your donations can make a massive difference within our community. We believe that nobody should be facing hunger this winter.

Items donated will be distributed by Saints Community Development Foundation to local causes selected by our Foundation Champlain Derek Hardman. If you wish to create your very own food hamper to donate to us, please may we ask that you exclude items such as dairy items, bread, or anything with a short term expiry date.

Items can be delivered to these current locations:

The Shining Lights Centre, Sutton Manor 9am – 4pm Monday-Fridays

The Totally Wicked Stadium Main Reception, 9am – 4pm Monday – Fridays

Derek Hardman, Saints Community Development Foundations Chaplain followed on to say :

”Over the past four years we’ve ran our toy and selection box appeal and the response has always been amazing! We can’t thank you enough.

“This year we will be doing the same to try and make a positive difference within our community, especially at this special time of year and the current events taking place. The support we have from the community is incredible, and allows us to have the opportunity to help those who need it over the Christmas period!”