Shining Lights Centre gets Kitchen upgrade thanks to Bowmer + Kirkland!

SCDF are delighted to announce that the Kitchen at the Shining Lights centre has been given a much-needed facelift!

The Shining Lights Centre, which has been the home of the SCDF for a few years now, has seen it’s kitchen renovated all thanks to the work of David Baker of construction company Bowmer + Kirkland and his contractor team.

Bowmer + Kirkland is responsible for the construction of the impressive Glass Futures site opposite The Totally Wicked Stadium, and since have become friends of the SCDF!

Steve Leonard Foundation Director explained how the deal came about and shared his delight:

“It’s obvious that Bowmer + Kirkland really do want to engage with the communities they work in. From the outset on 4th February 2022 when the ground was broken on the site, David and his team were in touch with me asking what projects we could do with a hand on and how they could help.”

“Not long after our first conversation our Veterans allotment had been broken into and the tools taken, within days David pulled up in his car with a load of gardening equipment which they kindly donated to the veterans!”

“Then the Shining Lights Centre came into our conversations and the poor state of the kitchen facility. Again, Dave was on the phone to his contractors and within days the kitchen was ripped out and the guys from Ambrose Ellis were painting the walls, etc. Next came Siteform flooring contractors who not only fitted but donated the flooring to the foundation. NWCE Foodservice Equipment kindly donated the stainless-steel kitchen fitments.”

The Kitchen at the SCDF before the work of Bowmer + Kirkland

“They were expertly installed by Kirk Craig Fabrication, who also gave us advice on our serving hatch and installations. Together they have brought new life into the centre, we are working with the St Helens Council to grade the kitchen for it to start making a difference again in our community.”

“We cannot thank David, Bowmer + Kirkland, Ambrose Ellis, Siteform, NWCE and Kirk Craig Fabrication enough and whenever we see the Glass Futures building, we will remember the great people behind its construction!”

The Kitchen after the work of Bowmer + Kirkland

Everyone at the SCDF would like to thank David Baker and his team at Bowmer + Kirkland for their outstanding support and contribution to helping renovate the Kitchen at The Shining Lights Centre!