Volunteer Week: Ann Gardner

From the 3rd of June to the 9th of June it is National Volunteer Week, and SCDF want to shine a light on some of the fantastic volunteers that are helping our Community Clubs thrive!

Our fifth Spotlight is on Ann Gardner. Ann is a Matchday Volunteer at Haydock Warriors ARLFC. Our spotlights have been provided by a representative of Haydock Warriors ARLFC and here is what they have to say about Lucy:

“Ann is absolutely amazing, any time we need any help with anything she is the first to volunteer. If one of the parents says in the group chat that their daughter needs lift to a game or event she has responded offering help before anyone else.

“On match days Ann messages us to ask if we need help with the after match food or working in the snack shop. She always serves the food to the girls with a smile on her face, she has a cracking sense of humour, the girls all love her.

“Ann works 24 hour shifts that sometime start at 3pm on a match day, she comes down to watch her daughter and still volunteers to help before she goes to work.”

“Ann makes our lives less stressful as we know we can rely on her. She makes everyone smile. When there is anything to be done in the kitchen Ann is there, we’ve needed to make sandwiches last minute and I’ve called Ann up and she was down straight away to help.

“We didn’t have anyone to do the food for the U14s and Ann stepped up to help and never complained.”

“There would be a lot more stress on a small group of people if it wasn’t for Ann. She takes the stress away as we know the after match food is covered, we have an extra pair of hands in the snack shop if we need her and that you can ask her to help out with lifts if anyone is struggling.

“Ann is a great friend to everyone and we would be lost without her. She makes everything a lot easier and brightens your day.”