Volunteer Week: John Rees

From the 3rd of June to 9th of June it is National Volunteer Week, and SCDF want to shine a light on some of the fantastic volunteers that are helping our community clubs thrive!

Our ninth and final Spotlight is on John Rees. John is the Junior Secretary at Pilkington Recs ARLFC. Our spotlights have been provided by two separate representatives of Pilkington Recs ARLFC and here is what they have to say about John:

“We are nominating John because he lives & breathes the club, literally. As well as having a family and working full time.”

“The job title doesn’t do justice to the work John puts into our club. He is the heartbeat of everything, coordinating games, discipline issues, welfare, sponsorships, absolutely everything. I consider that he is well deserving of this nomination.”

“Without him it would struggle badly in all areas. He is the single most important person there in my opinion.”

“He has been involved in developing coaching skills, club constitution, girls teams and the fact we now have so many teams is in my view a credit due to John.”

“Without John’s help, I would imagine lots of our activities wouldn’t be able to go ahead.”

“Pretty much everything, but, certainly the coordination of games, responsibilities for each age group would be a problem without his involvement.”

At SCDF we recognise how important volunteers are to the running of these programmes and without people like John involved clubs would struggle to survive. So from SCDF we say thank you John Rees for the impact you are having at Pilkington Recs ARLFC.