Volunteer Week: Phil Smith

From the 3rd of June to 9th of June it is National Volunteer Week, and SCDF want to shine a light on some of the fantastic volunteers that are helping our community clubs thrive!

Our third Spotlight is on Phil Smith. Phil is the Development Officer at the St Helens Referee Society. Our spotlights have been provided by a representative of our St Helens Referee Society and here is what they have to say about Phil:

“Phil has spent countless hours over 20+ years helping to develop match officials in the town. I myself am only three months into the role after taking it up from Phil, and can honestly appreciate the hard work he’s put in to sustain this over the years he has been doing.”

“Almost all of the active referees in St Helens, and many more who are now inactive will have had Phil’s time and experience (and patience!) during their officiating journey.”

“No activity could go ahead without Phil. Phil has committed to personally watching and mentoring each new referee on a minimum of their first 3 games, to ensure they are comfortable, safe and thriving.”